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Are you in need of professional roofing services in Fredericton and the surrounding areas? Look no further! Our dedicated team is here to offer you top-tier solutions for your roof. Whether it's a minor repair, a full installation, or a complete roof replacement, we've got you covered. So why wait? Contact us today and let us make your roofing project a breeze.

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Yes, we offer free estimates! Simply fill in your request and details through our contact form or give us a call. We believe in transparency and ensure that you get an honest assessment without any hidden costs.

For any queries or to schedule an appointment, don’t hesitate to contact us today.Your perfect roof is just a call or email away!

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Why Should You Contact Us?

We are a Fredericton-based roofing ltd that prides itself on integrity and high-quality service. Our team of professional roofers is equipped with the expertise to handle both residential and commercial roofing needs. Whether it’s shingle replacement or a new roof construction, we are more than capable to ensure the job is done right, regardless if it’s a large or small project.

How Can You Contact Us?

Get in touch with us is simple. Call or email us anytime. Our customer service team is always ready to provide you with the necessary information and assist you with your roofing needs. Don't hesitate to reach out to us whenever you face any roofing problem.

What Areas Do We Serve?

While we are located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, our services extend to the surrounding areas as well. No matter where you are within our service area, you can count on our roofer team to provide prompt and reliable roofing services.

How Can We Help?

As a well-established roofing contractor, we offer a range of roofing services to cater to your unique needs. From the first consultation to the project completion, we ensure every step is handled with utmost professionalism and honesty. We are here to provide a solution that is not only effective but also tailored to your specific requirements and budget. Our top priority is to deliver top-notch roofing services that exceed our clients' expectations.

Our commitment to quality work, combined with our focus on customer satisfaction, has made us one of Fredericton's most trusted roofing contractors.

Our Roofing Services in Fredericton, NB

Fredericton Roofing Company workers inspect and install a new roof

New Roof Installation in Fredericton, NB

Are you in need of a new roof installation? Look no further! Our professional roofing team has the expertise to handle residential and commercial roof installations. From traditional asphalt shingles to durable metal roofing, we offer a wide range of options to suit your needs.

Fredericton roofing company installing new roof fredericton

Roof Repair in Fredericton, NB

Got a leaky or damaged roof? Our skilled roofers are here to fix it for you. Whether it's a minor repair or extensive restoration, we provide efficient and lasting solutions. Don't let roof issues disrupt your peace of mind - contact us for expert roof repair services.

Fredericton Roofing Company view of a commercial unit roof

Commercial Roofing in Fredericton, NB

As a reputable roofing contractor, we offer top-notch commercial roofing services. Whether it's a new installation, roof replacement, or repairs, our team has the experience to handle commercial roofing projects of any size. Trust us to deliver high-quality results for your business.

Fredericton Roofing Company workers installing new roof on a residential unit

Residential Roofing in Fredericton, NB

Protect your home with our residential roofing services. Our skilled roofers specialize in residential roof installations and repairs. Whether you need a new roof or shingle replacement, we'll ensure your roof is secure and visually appealing.

Fredericton roofing company worker shingle repair shingle removal

Shingle Installation & Repair in Fredericton, NB

Planning to replace your roof? Our shingle Installation & Repair service prepares your roof for a new installation. We carefully repair old shingles and install new ones with top tier roofing craftsmanship.

Fredericton Roofing Company photo of a Roof leak from roof shingles

Metal Roofing in Fredericton, NB

Discover the benefits of metal roofing with our expert installation services. Metal roofs are durable, energy-efficient, and can last for decades. Our team will guide you through the process and help you choose the best metal roofing system for your property.